Louis N. from Western Missouri is one of our most successful Senior Fire Safety Consultants. Having started as a Sales Representative, Louis has demonstrated to be a great AKE team member for almost one year.

As he likes the challenge of sales and to stay busy, before joining AKE Safety Equipment, Louis worked as a salesman for 27 years while also managing a farm of approximately one thousand acres. According to Louis:

“Sales isn’t something that you can teach, you must have the ability to dialogue and persuade people. I have always loved sales… sales have been in my blood for more than 20 years.”

Louis’ path at AKE started when he tried to give Allen Kronebusch (our CEO) a sales pitch about fire hoses. The situation turned different as Allen ended up giving Louis a STOP-FYRE® presentation making Louis fall in love with the product.


A ‘Giving Back’ Perception

Over the experience that Louis has obtained through AKE, he realizes that just the -giving back- part of this job is worth it:

“It might sound strange, but I don’t look at this job as a paycheck, I look at this as an avenue to help people save their lives and livelihood. If your mind is in the right mindset, then the money will chase you. STOP-FYRE® is a wonderful product to sell because you get rewarded in many more ways than just monetarily.” Louis commented.

As each job comes with its pitfalls, we asked Louis his opinion about the most difficult parts of being a Senior Fire Safety Consultant for AKE:

“The job is a little difficult in the aspect where you know that everybody should have STOP-FYRE® because fire doesn’t make appointments… it hurts when you talk to someone that has small children and they say that they don’t need the product. Sadly, you can’t get to everybody, but for me, the more I work, the more I help to protect people.”

Every now and then, people that work with you, can make your job easier. For Louis, this is the case as he considers that every AKE employee is great, especially the ladies of the finance department, and Nikki, the Executive Admin Assistant:

“She is probably my favorite because we always communicate one on one, she helps me out, and has a lot of patience.” Louis commented laughing.

A Rewarding Career

At AKE we are committed to providing our salespeople an opportunity to improve their lifestyle while being an integral part of something bigger than themselves. Louis affirms that AKE allows him to set up life goals while reaching income stability and getting the satisfaction of helping other human beings.

As a 54 years old salesman, Louis’ mission is to always give his -best shot-  to help as many people as he can, in order to feel good at the end of his career when he retires. To validate his authentic desire of -giving back-, Louis told us about one of the professional experiences at AKE that has touched him the most:

“When I sold a couple cases of STOP-FYRE® to an Amish community, one of them asked me if I ever give back to the community… Every chance I get! I responded. He mentioned an auction that was taking place to help the children. I went there and from the inventory that I have for my farm, I donated a Mini STOP-FYRE® ($300 value) for the auction. Everyone was so thankful and appreciative of me and the product. Every time I go to that community, they happily welcome me back. That’s a great feeling!”

Last but not least, to finish this interview with a powerful message, we asked Louis what recommendations he could give to current sales representatives and to potential candidates that would like to work for AKE:

“Always be very positive… Positive people attract positive things. If you stay on course and don’t get discouraged, you will fulfill your personal goals and the needs of your family. This 1099 position works for true salespeople because it’s all on you.

If you don’t want to punch a card and are self-motivated, the sky is the limit of the potential income that you could earn. Get out of bed, work your 8 to 10 hours, and you’ll find out that this is a very rewarding job, not just because of the money, but for the satisfaction of helping someone else.”


To find out more about Louis, we invite you to watch this video!


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Posted on January 22, 2018

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